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About castings foundry ...

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Informations about casting foundry

Casting foundry production
 includes the following :

  • Casting of bronze and alluminium

  • Casting of cast iron and nodular cast iron

  • Casting of cast steel and stainless steel

Cast iron and nodular cast iron
 are produced up to 1 T btto weight
(netto about 600-700 kg).

For this production we are using cupola furnaces, and induction melting furnaces.

Our customers are from various industries.
In Croatia mostly from shipbuilding industry, like :

  • Uljanik strojogradnja - producer of main ships engines

  • Uljanik alatnica - producer of parts for main ships engines

  • Adriadiesel - producer of auxilary ships engines

  • Brodosplit-TDM - producer of main and auxilary ships engines

  • SOMET - producer of casted armatures

On export market are present customers of various industries.

Cast steel and stainless steel
 castings are produced up to 250 kg netto weight.

In our production we are using 2 pieces of induction furnaces of 500 kg btto capacity.

Heat treatment cycles are made in electrical heat treatment furnace of 3 T capacity.

Bronze castings
 are produces up to 400 kg btto weight.
Most of production are armatures for shipbuilding industry, propelers and comunal products like external lighting, poles and similar.

Main production are piping armatures castings, and propellers for various vessels.

Aluminium castings
 are produced for various customers like :

  • Adriadiesel - parts for auxilary ships engines

  • Brodosplit-TDM - parts for main and auxilary ships engines

  • Končar - parts for electro industry

Process we are using are sand casting, gravity die casting and pressure die casting

Technologies of casting that we use are

  • sand casting (cast iron, cast steel, bronze and alluminium)

  • gravity die casting (AL)

  • pressure die casting (AL)


Quality of materials controll
 are conducted in ourside laboratories.
Our foundry has production approval from "Croatian register of shipping" (HRB).

But we can supply certificates from other controll houses, like Lloyds register, Rina, Germanischer Lloyds, DNV and others.


All of your inqueries are welcome. Please supply a drawings of products with your inquiry as well.

You can also count on our moulds and dies tool shop with modern CAD-CAM desing and CNC machining of moulds and dies.

Also, since we have a mechanincal machining facility we can also supply a completely finished products in many cases.

To make inquiry, please follow this   LINK.

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