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Moulds and dies using CAD-CAM and CNC technologies

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Informations about moulds and dies CAD-CAM design and CNC machining

Casting models and dies  are designed in CAD-CAM software.

Initial phase is 3-D design in "surface" or "solid" format.
After making a 3-D design in some CAD software (AutoCAD, Microstation, Unigraphics, Catia, etc. ), design of 3-D model is uploaded into CAM software where we are simulating machining operations to produce 3-D model on CNC machine.
We're choosing different tools and machining operations in order to obtain the best result.
At the end, machining simulation is done in software, in order to controll the whole process once again before going to an CNC machine.

Simulation of machining is done very precisely in CAD-CAM system, with resolutions under 0,01 mm.
That is the smallest resolution that a CNC machine can produce.

After sucessfull simlation, we are compiling program code for a particular CNC controll unit ad machine. Postprocessing software module must be customized for program language and characteristics of particular machine. We're using either G-code (Fanuc compatible), or Heidenhein conversational and ISO-code languages.

Final compiled programs are transferred to a particular machine, and actual mould or die is produced.

CAD-CAM - procedure description
Producing moulds on CNC machining center

Gallery of made moulds and dies
is quite wide.
So far we've produced hundereds of dfferent models.

For example, we've produced ourselves moulds for whole palett of shipping armatures (straight and angle valves and their parts, different types of ball valves, cocks, filters ... etc.)  Then we've made moulds for different parts of ships engine castings that are produced with MAN B&W license.

And there are moluds and dies for products like lighting equipment, poles, comunal products, etc.

Gallery of produced moulds and dies - some examples
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