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English > Casting foundry
Informations about foundry

Foundry facility

Foundry facility has about 2.500 sqm area.
Space is organized as follows :

  • forming halls - 2 pieces

  • finishing hall - 1 piece

  • tools and moulds warehouse - 2 pieces

  • offices

Equipment covers all necesary for sand casting, gravity die casting and pressure die casting :

  • bridge cranes (4 pieces - from 2 up to  5 T)

  • melting furnaces for bronze and AL (2 pieces - capacity 400 kg CU)

  • cupola furnace for cast and nodular cast iron (melting capacity 2,5 T per hour)

  • shot blasting machine with 2 tables

  • compressed air station

  • sand preparation facility (silos with 40 T of sand)

  • forming machines type "foromat" (4 pieces)

Foundry equipment

Casting technology 1 -> Sand casting

We're using sand casting technology for casting cast iron, bronze and alluminium.

We're using both manual forming and machine forming.
Machine forming is used on "FOROMAT" machines, and we're using 2 standard frame dimensions :

  • dimension 460 x 460 mm (machines Foromat 20)

  • dimension 800 x 600 mm (machines Foromat 30)

Short description of sand castings is at right in photo gallery.

Sand forms - explanation

Casting technology 2 -> Gravity die casting and pressure die casting

We are casting alluminium
using folowing technologies :

  • sand casting

  • gravity die casting

  • pressure die casting

Die casting requires expensive moulds and dies, so it is used for higher quantyties of castings, only.

Our market advantage is that we have our own moulds and dies tools-shop, so we can produce necessary moulds and dies "in house". We're using modern CAD-CAM software and CNC machining centers for this purpose.

Gravity die casting - process description

Casting cast iron and nodular cast iron, the process

We are casting cast and nodular cast iron from cupola furnace for larger pieces (up to 1 t btto), and induction mid-frequency furnaces for smaller pieces (up to 500 kg btto).

We are producing all types of  cast iron (GG-20, GG-25, GG-30) and nodular cast iron (GGG-40, GGG-50, GGG-60).
Those qualities are covered in European standards as well.
Feel free to see separate sheet about material characteristics.

We can produce castings of up to 1 T btto weight (which gives about 600-700 kg netto weight).

Technology of casting we use is sand-casting.

The procedure of casting is explained at right, in photo gallery.

Casting cast iron - process explanation

Casting cast steel and stainless steel - general info

We are melting cast steel and stainless steel from induction mid-frequency melting furnaces.
Thermal treatment of castings is processed in electrical heat-treatment furnace.

We are producing a wide range of steel castings - carbon steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, etc.
Feel free to see a separate sheet about types of steel we can produce.

We can produce castings of up to 500 kg btto weight (which gives about 250 kg netto weight).

Technology for moulding we use is sand-casting, machine and manual.

Cores are produced in cold-box technology (CO2) or hot-box technology (on Shalco core blower machine).

Induction furnaces for casting steel
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